Professional Development Credits

Equine Canada Coaches are eligible to apply for Professional Development Credits by taking courses offered through Equine First Aid Training. Under these guidelines, you may receive 1 point per hour for the maximum available of 3 points per activity.

  • Down for a nap...or unable to rise?

  • Just rolling...or is it colic?

  • Resting...or in pain?

  • When minutes count, make the most of every second!

  • Let us help you gain the confidence you need to help your horse during an emergency!

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Training horse lovers in Equine First Aid & Health

Equine First Aid Training saves the lives of horses and we are pleased to offer a variety of equine first aid clinics to horse owners of any age or level of experience.

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time anywhere, for any number of reasons. This makes it essential that everyone involved with horses--riders, instructors, grooms, competitors, volunteers--knows how to administer first aid. When minutes count, you need to know how to make the most of every second.

Equine First Aid courses provide a basic overview of first aid procedures, and include a focus on many common horse health conditions you may be dealing with on a day to day basis. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind knowing that you can step in and help your horse when you need to until a professional arrives.

Why Should You Attend An Equine First Aid Clinic?

  • You will gain a higher level of skill and confidence when dealing with an equine emergency

  • You will understand the information that you need to provide your vet during an emergency involving your horse

  • You will be able to recognize and begin first aid for many equine-related emergencies, such as colic, choke and nosebleeds

  • You will become more familiar hoof conditions, and be more aware of actions to support the horse before, during, and after veterinarian and farrier treatment

  • Through hands-on work during the clinic you will become comfortable and confident in dealing effectively with lacerations and working with bandaging materials

  • You will learn the latest information regarding first aid methods

  • You will have FUN and meet like-minded horse people in your community

  • You will feel better prepared to deal with a sick or injured horse

  • Your horse will benefit from a well-educated owner/handler with the skills to help them during an emergency

Join one of our first aid clinics and gain the confidence to help your horse during an emergency.

Our Clinics



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The Essentials

4 hours

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Equine First Aid & Health

 7 Hours 

9am to 4pm