Equine First Aid & Health

9am to 4pm

First Aid & More

Our Equine First Aid clinics provide a basic overview of first aid procedures, and include a focus on many common horse health conditions you may deal with on a day-to-day basis. This is achieved through a combination of hands-on and powerpoint demonstrations, where we discuss (and practice) techniques for handling wound care, both pre- and post-vet, learning how to flush your horse's eyes, understanding digestive issues including colic, breathing issues and common foot conditions.

Knowing the first steps to take when your horse becomes sick or injured is an important focus of our clinics, and being able to take and understand your horse's vital signs is a big part of this. You will learn, hands-on, how to take a full set of vital signs including weighing your horse, so you and your vet will know sooner when something is wrong with your horse.

Bandaging Scenarios

You then break off into small groups and are given different scenarios that require emergency first aid treatment. This will again be with live horses. Through these scenarios students will find a comfort level where they feel they can handle any situation.

Everyone who attends receives a full-colour, detailed reference manual which covers everything discussed in the clinic and more, laminated Vital Sign and Colic Symptom charts which you can hang in your barn, and pocket reference cards to keep handy wherever you are. And, of course, the confidence of knowing you can step in and help your horse during an emergency.