Professional Development Credits

Equine Canada Coaches are eligible to apply for Professional Development Credits by taking courses offered through Equine First Aid Training. Under these guidelines, you may receive 1 point per hour for the maximum available of 3 points per activity.


The following slides depict graphic images of injuries to horses which may be disturbing to some viewers. Please use discretion.

  • 3 year old miniature filly was attacked by two mastiffs and suffered a bite injury to her jaw.

  • Inside of leg impaled by fence board. The vet has inserted a drainage tube to allow proper drainage.

  • A mild case of scratches/mud fever.

  • Deep puncture-type wound to upper thigh

  • This horse grabbed his quarter while lunging

  • Laceration to the buttocks from a broken fence board.

  • Deep cut from metal, the injury came dangerously close to the deep flexor tendon and required 5 internal and 7 external stitches.

  • A hoof abscess which has broken through at the coronet band.

  • 12 year old Quarter Horse gelding with a shoulder injury

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Let us help you gain the confidence to handle these, and almost any emergency you may have to deal with that involves your horse.